Types of Financial Aid

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Fee Exemptions

Fee Exemptions are tuition/fee waivers based on University Policy or State Law.

Veteran Affairs Fee Exemption (Title 29) 上海快3预测计划provides an exemption for children, spouses, and surviving spouses of veterans killed in action, died in active service or who were rated 90% service connected disabled. Must submit fee exemption certificate from the State of Louisiana. Students must also maintain full time enrollment and a 2.0 semester GPA.

National Guard Exemption上海快3预测计划 provides a tuition exemption to eligible National Guard members. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required each semester.

National Guard Madallion

Senior Citizen Exemption上海快3预测计划 provides an exemption of eligible fees for persons 60 years of age or older prior to the 1st day of class. Registration must be prior to the start date of class. This exemption is limited to 3 credit hours. All eligible students will be awarded at the beginning of the semester.

Firefighter Dependent Exemption provides an exemption for children of firefighters killed or disabled in performance of duties. Required semester 2.0 GPA and full-time enrollment.

Police Officer Dependent Exemption provides an exemption for children of police officers, deputy sheriffs, or certain probation and parole officers killed or permanently disabled in performance of duties. Required semester 2.0 GPA and full-time enrollment.

Law Enforcement Exemption 上海快3预测计划provides a fee exemption for law enforcement officers to pursue an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, Unified Public Safety Administration, Homeland Security, General Studies, Liberal Arts, or Business Administration. Graduate students may pursue a degree in Masters of Arts with a concentration in Homeland Security. Required 2.0 semester GPA.

Military Fee Exemption provides an exemption for active duty military, their spouses and children.

NSU COOP High School 上海快3预测计划provides an exemption to high school students enrolled in the early start program.

Out of State Exemption上海快3预测计划 provides an In-State status for qualifying students:

  • Entering freshman – student with less than 12 hours of college course work. Student must have a 2.25 high school GPA and a minimum 21 ACT and no need for remedial work.
  • Transfer/Continuing – student with more than 12 hours of college credit. Student must have a 2.5 cumulative college GPA.
  • Performance – student must have a contract with CAPA, a Spirit Group, or ROTC. Student must have a 2.5 High School GPA or be transfering from another university with a 2.5 GPA. Application and eligibility information can be obtained through the department of participation.
  • Texas border – student must live in a county of Texas that borders Louisiana. The following counties apply. Cass, Harrison, Jefferson, Marion, Newton, Orange, Panola, Sabine and Shelby County. Please contact the Financial Aid/Scholarship Office for details: nsufinaid@nsula.edu
  • All Internet – Students who do not have any face-to-face courses will be charged In-State tuition.

Faculty/Staff Exemption上海快3预测计划 provides an exemption to faculty or staff members who are employed full-time at a University of Louisiana System institution or System Office and certain Community Colleges and Technical Colleges who have an agreement signed with NSU. The form must be completed each semester.

Faculty/Staff Dependent Exemption provides an exemption to dependents of faculty or staff members who are employed full-time at a University of Louisiana System institution or System Office. Student must be claimed by parent on tax return. The form must be completed each semester.

Our Student Employment information page is available here.

Tuition Hardship Waiver

The Tuition Hardship Waiver ?provides a tuition exemption to eligible Louisiana students for the increase in tuition along with the cost of the Academic Excellence Fee and the Operational Fee.?Students must complete the application and meet all criteria in order to be eligible:


  • Students must be a Louisiana resident; and
  • Students must have full-time enrollment status (12 or more hours); and
  • Students must apply for, and be deemed eligible to receive, Federal Financial Aid; and
  • Students must qualify for pell grant disbursement.
  • The waiver cannot be used in connection with other scholarships that exempt the same fees.
  • The amount of the waiver will be no greater than the 10% increase.

Application and Deadlines

  • Students must complete and submit the waiver applications to the Financial Aid Office
  • Students must be eligible for the waiver by the respective deadlines:

– Fall only application: October 1
????????????? – Spring only application: April 1
????????????? – Summer only application: August 1

  • Students must apply each semester
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Federal and State Grants

Types of Loans

State Scholarships

Louisiana’s Taylor Opportunity Program (TOPS)
The is a comprehensive, merit-based student aid program consisting of a series of components, with each component having its own eligibility criteria and titled award. The purpose of TOPS is to provide an incentive for Louisiana residents to academically prepare for and pursue post-secondary education in this state, resulting in an educated work force enabling Louisiana to prosper in the global market of the future. The major components of TOPS are the Opportunity Award, the Performance Award and the Honors Award.
Students can check TOPS eligibility?at the .

上海快3预测计划The establishes education savings accounts by individuals, groups, or organizations with provisions for routine deposits of funds to cover the future educational costs of a designated beneficiary.

Early Start
The Early Start Program is established to provide funding for students enrolled in eligible 11th and 12th grade Louisiana public high school students in college degree, developmental or work skills courses. The purpose of the Early Start Program is to provide an incentive for qualified Louisiana public high school students to prepare for a postsecondary education or career.

Rockefeller State Wildlife Scholarship
上海快3预测计划This program competitively awards scholarships to high school graduates, college undergraduate and graduate students majoring in forestry, wildlife or marine science. Recipients must attain a degree in one of the three eligible fields at a Louisiana public college/university or repay the funds, plus interest. More information found on website.

Purple Prestige Transfer Scholarship
上海快3预测计划 Students who are PTK graduates are guaranteed admission to NSU and could be eligible to receive an annual scholarship of $1,500 upon meeting the following criteria, The student must:

  • Have completed an associate’s degree no earlier than Spring 2017
  • Be an active PTK member at the time of graduation
  • Have completed a FAFSA
  • Have applied to NSU
  • Enroll full-time at NSU the semester after their completion of an associate’s degree
  • Maintain full-time enrollment (for renewal)
  • Be in good academic standing while enrolled at NSU (for renewal)
  • Maintain a 3.0 semester GPA to retain the scholarship

PTK Scholarship Flyer
Scholarship Application